Residential Installations

These mosaics pictured below are on my house in the Golden Hill neighborhood in near downtown San Diego. I started with the faces of the two short walls on either side of the steps leading to the porch. The figures are a pair of matching Tiki mugs, that I cut the backs off and attached to the wall. The borders are the rims of some pretty hideoous 1970 plates, and the rest is filled in with assorted broken plates. Each measure roughly 8 x 18 inches.

Next, I stared with a section of the wall near the sidewalk. This piece measures roughly 18 by 42 inches. The borders again are plate rims, but more contemporary ones this time. The green figures are ceramic chess pieces. The thing with the yin and yang symbol is an incense holder. The Coca Cola thing is a toothbrush holder and the Crunch bar was take from a mug, and King Tut is a whiskey decanter. The rest is broken plates with assorted other stuff, such as beach glass, glass beads, etc.

The next section was the tops of the two short walls on either side of the steps leading to the porch. I had found a number of coffee mugs with newly hatched sea turtles. The idea was to have them marching out to sea, away from the house. The brown tile is floor tile, and the blue is plates and glass beads. Once again the border is plate rims, slightly more subdued this time. I did both sides of the stairs but both sides look more of less the same. Each section measures roughly 8 x 42 inches.

The next piece, on the left, is the end of the wall that is on the other side of our stairs from the where the larger wall piece is. It measures 8 by 13 inches. The tiki is a rum decanter, and of course more broken dishes. The paradise part is a from a Hawaiian coffee mug. On the right, a mosaic border around the kitchenette at my dad's house. It's a bit our of character for me, but it does look nice. It is roughly 6 inches wide by about 7 feet. The materials are five different hues of floor tiles. Finally, the stairs from the sidewalk. I had two goals with this project. First, I've been wanting to do something with some real vibrant colors mixed with neutrals. Second and this was the important one, is I wanted to try to do something without overthinking it. I have a habit of wanting to do a project, but instead of just doing it, I'll mull it over, for months sometimes, so I make sure I do something I'm happy with. The problem is that in the time it takes to mull it over, I could start and finish the project and probably do two or three other projects in the same time. What I did here was just draw the lines of where the red/orange/yellow would go and five minutes later I was working on it.

Finally, the last work is not a home but a school in Tijuana, Mexico, Colegio la Esperanza. The school was actually two schools, a kindergarten and a high school. The kindergarten was started about 15 years ago and finished a few years later. Construction on the high school was started about 12 years ago, and it has been under construction ever since. It is a funtioning school, but Iím sure that they are going to keep building on it as funds permit until they run out of space. The schools are located in a district called, "La Colonia." There are about 180,000 residents in this area, and this is the only high school. Technically, it is a private school. The public schools only go from first to ninth grades. Most of the students have scholarships, grants, or sponsorships to attend. If you go to Tijuana and look into the hills and see lots of little tiny hovels of houses built right on top of each other, this is one of those areas. The school has been built mostly by volunteers with the help of reknown architect/designer/artist, James Hubbell. I only started going down to work on the school once a month late last year. Most of the work I have done was on a shower stall in a girl's bathroom they just built. The first three pictures show the initial work I did on the shower stall. The next three show the continuation of that work.

If you want to see more of the school, I posted more pictures on my Yahoo photos, here.