Gallery 2

All mosaics made by Chris Sturhann.

The pieces on this page are not for sale. In some cases, I have included a comparable price. What this means is that if you wanted a comparable piece of similar size and complexity, this is about what it would cost. For more information on commissioning work, please see the Commissions page.

Bird Bath
Comparable price, $200.00-300.00

Bird Bath detail 1

Bird Bath detail 2

Devil Girl Reformed (after Coop)
11 1/2 by 13 1/2"
Comparable price, $200.00-300.00

Cheshire Cat Mirror
10" square
14" diagonally

Coke Crucifix
7 by 10"

Darth Maul

8 by 15"
Comparable price, $100.00-120.00

Monkey Paw
Cement armature attached to plaster monkey

Monkey Paw detail 1

Monkey Paw detail 2

Monkey Paw detail 3

Monkey Paw detail 4

Wishing Cat
9 by 13 1/2"
Comparable price, $100.00-120.00