Pop Art Mosaics

What is Pop Art Mosaics? Well, it's just that. Mosaics, made from the images of Pop Art. From Coca Cola to cartoon characters and transferware to collector plates, Pop Art Mosaics incorporates images rendered in ceramics and other objects that exemplify the best of 20th Century popular art and design.

The end result, it is hoped, is unique artwork that draws on the castoff remains of everyday American life. The raw materials are found in thrift shops and garage sales and are chosen for their ability to symbolize what our modern American culture has become. We've never had a Royal Family, so we have adopted celebrities as ours. We are a relatively young country with a somewhat short history, and our melting pot tradition has obliterated much of the culture we could have absorbed from others. As a result, advertising and marketing has stepped in to fill the void, and as a nation, we have bought it. I am not saying that this is bad or good, just that it is.

Most of the mosaics on this site demonstrate this. I sort of feel like if I haven't included a tiki mug or a Coke logo I haven't done my job. Sometimes, it's just something in the background of a representational piece. Often, I'll find someting so cool on a coffee mug that it's just screaming to be broken up into a mosaic. Other times, I'll do mosaic collages of different but related images. I do use a lot of coffee mugs, mainly because they come with everything in the world printed on them, and you can find them almost anywhere.

The mosaics shown on these pages were done by me, Chris Sturhann, a San Diego mosaic artist. I don't claim to have invented Pop Art Mosaics, nor do I claim to have coined the term. I only use the term to describe the work I do. You can decide its merits. Thank you.

Chris Sturhann